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Reliability. Because Alertcast is completely independent of your own infrastructure it's immune to what ever crisis or disaster situations might impact your infrastructure. All you need is access to a phone or internet connection - anywhere in the world.

You save time when you need it most, because you only have to make one quick phone call. Alertcast does the rest. This is especially relevant for companies that now use phone trees.

You save money. If you wanted a system in-house to do this same thing, it would cost you many thousands of dollars in equipment and dedicated phone lines. With Alertcast, you only pay a subscription fee that gives you access to the service and your actual per minute phone charges when you use Alertcast. If you don't use the service, you don't pay any usage costs. Pricing

You get back the kind of information you need to "manage" a crisis rather than let it manage you. You can receive periodic reports throughout an event or a summary report at the end. Reporting

Alertcast eliminates the kinds of simple human mistakes that can cause a key person to get missed, which eliminates the worry and problems those errors can create. how it works