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You can notify people two different ways with Alertcast, so you get the kind of response your needs or situation require. For each event, you can choose to notify your recipients by the standard notification or the express notification.

When you notify your list members by standard notification, they must respond by keying in their unique notification number. (This would be the same as the first number at which Alertcast called them, so it's simple for recipients to remember.) The recipient responds by entering on the key pad that he or she is responding, is not responding, or is just acknowledging your message was received.

If Alertcast reaches an answering machine or someone who does not know the correct number to key in, it will automatically keep trying that recipient as many times as you predetermined when setting up your group lists or until the recipient acknowledges the message.

Standard notifications are the logical choice when it's essential that you know if particular persons have received your message.

When you notify your list members by express notification, they don't have to enter anything on the phone key pad. An answered phone call is taken as a delivered message. When a call is answered, the message is repeated up to three times to ensure that an answering machine or voice mail gets the full message. If no one answers or the line is busy, Alertcast will retry as often as you specify.

Express notifications are intended to provide a simple message, like an evacuation notice, to a recipient unfamiliar with the service.